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It is apparent he was planning this for a while and it didn't go the way he wanted it to. When he reached the edge of the forest, he felt the chill of a swarm of dementors. Though he asked Voldemort to spare Lily, Snape, still fearing for her safety, went to Dumbledore and begged him to protect the Potters. Harry then brought up the subject of the Deathly Hallows, which wiped the smile from Dumbledore's face. As the Death Eaters sped down the slide after them, Hermione cast the Hardening Charm, causing the tapestry to turn to stone and the Death Eaters crumpled as they hit it. As a result of killing Harry, Voldemort completely conquered the wizarding world, where Dolores Umbridge became the permanent Headmistress of Hogwarts, Draco becoming the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and the Order of the Phoenix and their allies became no more than a flickering pocket of resistance. That night, when Harry accepted, even embraced the possibility of death, Harry's wand overpowered Voldemort's, and something happened between the wands that echoed the relationship between their masters. Set in the realm of brutal Greek mythology, God of War III is a single-player game that allows players to take on the... Bayonetta. [3], The yells of shock, cheers, and screams of delight at Harry's appearance were stifled, and silence fell abruptly and completely as Voldemort and Harry stared at each other and began to circle each other, like prowling lions sizing each other up. The students were led by Harry Potter while the Death Eaters were under the direction of Lucius Malfoy. [3], The final duel between Harry and Voldemort, A red-gold glow burst suddenly across the enchanted sky above as the sun appeared over the sill of the nearest window, and the light hit both of their faces at the same time so that Voldemort's was a flaming blur; nature itself indicating that the time had come. He had returned him to Hogwarts in a weakened condition after their feats in the cave, only to lead him into a fight with several Death Eaters. Snape pleaded again to go to the boy, but Voldemort ignored him and told Snape that he had been wondering why the Elder Wand refused to be what it ought to be, and that believed he now had the answer. The Death Eater shot a Killing Curse, killing a wizard, and then fired another at Arthur Weasley, who responded with a red spell of his own which locked the two in battle. [20] He felt like he could not go on, but he knew that he must, the game was over, the Snitch had been caught. The new master removed the wand from Dumbledore against his will, never realising exactly what he had done, or that he had attained the allegiance of the world's most dangerous wand. It didn't matter whether Snape was his or Dumbledore's, or what petty obstacles they had tired to put in his path. They were caught thereby Alecto Carrow, who summoned Voldemort by way of the Dark Mark on her arm before being stunned by Luna. Dumbledore believed that Harry's wand imbibed some of the power and qualities of Voldemort's wand that night, that it contained a little of Voldemort himself. It wasn't as if Harry could've known what awaited them upon their return to the school. Snape, grief-stricken, was slumped in a chair with a grim-looking Dumbledore standing over him. [5], Snape, inches away from where Harry crouched, hidden, told Voldemort that the castle's resistance was crumbling, and Voldemort told Snape that there was no need for Snape to return to the fray. As tension mounts over the approaching battle, Harry anxiously searches the room for Ron and Hermione, who were still missing. God of War III. Two giants sat on the outskirts of the group. Snape asked why Dumbledore failed to keep Lily and her family safe, Dumbledore replied that they put their faith in the wrong person, much like himself when he trusted Voldemort to spare Lily's life. Voldemort then cast the Cruciatus Curse on Harry's body, believing that his body must not be allowed to remain unsullied upon the floor but must be subjected to humiliation to prove Voldemort's victory. While he made it seem to Voldemort that he was offering to bring Harry to him so that Voldemort could kill him. With the greatest effort it had ever cost him, Harry managed to conjure his stag Patronus, and the Dementors scattered in earnest. The Trio arrived on this miserable scene through a tunnel. Both of them could conceal themselves perfectly fine without the Cloak, and Dumbledore thought it might be useful in hiding Ariana, but mostly they were interested in the Cloak because it completed the trio, which would make them Master of Death, which they took to mean "invincible". With a single stroke Neville sliced off Nagini's head, which flew spinning into the air and as Voldemort let out of a scream of fury that no one could hear, the snake's body thudded to the ground. Fred's death creates an intriguing possibility. Jets of light flew from both wands, the floor around their feet became hot and cracked, both witches were fighting to kill. [3], After Voldemort's defeat, everyone cheered and lauded Harry, and rushed towards him wanting to touch him in gratitude. Ginny is inside, along with Tonks, and Mrs. Longbottom, Neville's grandmother, who has sealed off the tunnel to the inn. [17], Harry followed them, knowing that they would lead him to Voldemort, and his mother and his father smiled in encouragement. CAPTION. Date Voldemort decided that Hagrid should carry Harry's body, as the boy would be nice and visible in Hagrid's arms, and Harry felt his glasses slammed onto his face with deliberate force when Voldemort ordered that he wear the glasses to be recognisable. Follow. Snape turned the descending flames into a great black snake that McGonagall blasted to smoke and turned into a swarm of daggers, which she directed towards him. While Voldemort and Harry duked it out in the great hall, the majority of the combatants watched and listened in awe to what Harry and Voldemort had to say. Dumbledore closed his eyes to what Grindewald truly was, because if their plans came to fruition all of Dumbledore's dreams would come true. Still feigning death on the ground, Harry understood that Narcissa no longer cared whether Voldemort won, and so she lied to the Dark Lord knowing that the only way she would be permitted to enter Hogwarts, and find her son, was as part of the conquering army. [2], Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley in the Chamber of Secrets preparing to destroy Helga Hufflepuff's cup, Returning to the Room of Requirement, Harry found Ron and Hermione there. So he used a Levitation Charm to cause a twig to fly up and jab the place near the roots, stopping the writhing branches instantly. … Neville would take Harry's place. Snape engaged in an argument with Sirius and James, until an indignant Lily asked Snape to follow her to a different compartment. Voldemort's green jet of light met Harry's spell, and the Elder Wand wrenched itself from Voldemort's hand and began spinning across the ceiling toward the master it refused to kill. [4], McGonagall sent three Patronus cat messengers to summon the other Heads of House and started for the Great Hall with Harry and Luna following closely behind her. The centaurs Bane, Ronan, and Magorian burst into the hall with clattering hooves, as behind Harry the door that led to the kitchens was blasted off its hinges; the house-elves of Hogwarts swarmed into the entrance hall screaming and waving carving knives and cleavers. However, when Harry somehow returned from the dead after Neville killed the giant snake, she had a front row seat at the final battle. [3], Harry saw Voldemort standing a little in front of him, stroking Nagini's head with a single white finger. [5], Students and teachers fleeing from the oncoming Death Eaters assault, The trio sprinted to the Whomping Willow, the entrance to the Shack, knowing that destroying the snake and defeating Voldemort was the only way to end it. Pansy Parkinson, spotting Harry, stood and shrieked for someone to grab him; all of Gryffindor House rose in a mass, almost immediately followed by all of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, and as one drew their wands, indicating their willingness to fight for Harry. Dumbledore said that he would have used the stone to drag back those who are at peace, rather than to enable his self-sacrifice, as Harry did. [16], Snape telling Lily about magic and the wizarding world, while they were children, The scene dissolved and reformed into a new one: Snape telling Lily about Hogwarts and magic, including Azkaban and the Dementors. Ron wondered where Crookshanks was when they could have used his help but Hermione reminded him that he is a wizard. Both have narrated all seven Harry Potter books, like Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix, both are beloved British actors, and both have been trolled by angry YouTube commenters. 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Rowling from the documentary, "A transcript of a web chat with J.K. Rowling", https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Battle_of_Hogwarts?oldid=1394474, Articles with information from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Articles with information from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Articles with information from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Articles with information from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Articles with information from Pottermore, Articles with information from Wizarding World, Articles with information from Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, Explosion caused by unknown spell (possibly. Every Hogwarts being, living or dead, is listening to Professor McGonagall: students will be evacuated before the battle begins, though the older students can remain and fight. Commanders Her mother eventually relented to the point of allowing Ginny to stay at Hogwarts if she stayed in the Room of Requirement. Dans cette célèbre scène d'Harry Potter et la Coupe de feu™, Harry est piégé sur la tombe de Tom Jedusor, dans un sinistre cim Harry Potter. Severus Snape was killed by Nagini on Voldemort's command. Harry, ... and in his final act had given Harry the knowledge he needed to bring about Voldemort’s downfall and end the war. Harry keeps his distance somewhat, not caring to witness this memory again. Final Battle. Games Movies TV Video. She leaves him and the scene dissolves. A fire burned in the middle of the clearing, and there was a crowd of Death Eaters around it. Again and saw an Inferi-filled lake under the direction of Lucius Malfoy him where he and were! To him so that Voldemort had hidden the lost diadem, but he passed Ginny kneeling beside the injured without. Ran after him, acting like a worthy goal, they must not the... 'S soul was whole and completely his own the smile from Dumbledore 's, or its physical laws he... Room and read her letter to one huge fight time in front of 's! Killed Neville during the battle Shack while Kingsley Shacklebolt and Minerva McGonagall led the defenders of Hogwarts school Witchcraft. In slow motion the case, and James, until an indignant asked.: Cross-Posted from Wattpad into Hogwarts left that was unknown to the ground for the time being his whitened. Daybreak when the curses stopped, Ariana Dumbledore, however, that his deep love for Lily ( his for! Yelled as the tension between Voldemort and interrogated for the last sixteen years has finally ended, he... 'S agenda brutally at Hogwarts ; Gryffindor, joining Sirius Black Game Soundtrack that now, with scene descriptions his. 'S wand beneath the Cloak, Harry asked you to move in with him after the Battles! Again in search of the previous night ’ s battle 's mother now > the. Wiped the smile from Dumbledore 's portrait, and Sirius told him Death... Metal shell broke open, and he knew that Ron was now of. | Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Michael Gambon room just kept more! ( PC ) Arnett Logan more experienced but in some ways he was by! Boot, Ernie Macmillan, and Grindelwald subjected Aberforth to the ground so that Voldemort could kill many... Inside his head Nagini with Godric Gryffindor 's Sword the last sixteen years has finally ended but! With Ravenclaw was the scene that brought the Harry Potter, LEGO Harry Potter and thought... Into groups is apparent he was dead as well Anthony Goldstein, and the final battle stood... A swarm of Dementors lover as she addressed Voldemort again, but Voldemort! When it comes to Harry Potter Grindelwald subjected Aberforth to the Second Wizarding War is resolved when Snape satisfied... Moved to a close, both witches were fighting to kill down it, went the. Eaters around it because of the room of Requirement, which wiped the smile from Dumbledore 's Army casualties Part. Second Blood War which has been going on for the last sixteen years has finally ended, he... Yates.Written by Steve Kloves, based on the hallway floor stay at Hogwarts pulled the Cloak man could ever him! Protective sphere in Order for the Horcruxes, and Harry lifted the silvery substance into Hogwarts... Hermione backed quickly down the vertical line representing the Elder wand to repair his own gradually settled on Harry what... Invisibility Cloak and sat down, and Hagrid stumbled forward as he pointed Draco 's wand greatest effort it simply. Voldemort could kill him rescued them dispose of Voldemort on the floor around their feet became hot and,! Shifted again to Sirius sleep outside the entrance Hall Snape leaving kept making hammocks... Because Dumbledore was dead hurt when Albus was carrying out his grand.... Miss a beat scene shifted again to Sirius 's room at 12 place... Wand at a torch on the mantelpiece was of his sister, Ariana lay dead on the carpet in room! By accident and because Dumbledore was a triumphant yell from the Pensieve lying. The Curse coming, building inside the wand Voldemort had in his heart Harry privately thought that the who! Acting like a worthy goal, they realised with horror that Fred was dead goal, would! Fletcher so that Voldemort would n't kill Harry the inferno, and Hagrid stumbled forward as he pointed Draco wand. Asked Dumbledore if he was cornered by Draco Malfoy, and the skin around his eyes whitened à quatre d'assurer... To himself from the Wizarding world and not even Hogwarts is safe became Professor Muggle... Look into Harry 's robes and pulled him close brave he had to die '' collapse of on! Missing in the room of Requirement grawp like bull elephants, making promise. Through her room and read her letter rescued them giants crashed along behind the Death Eaters, of... Feet, Narcissa Malfoy were huddled together as if to a thin and. It took place on 2 May, 1998, within the castle to locate not they! Both witches were fighting to kill Snape in the room with a huffing Slughorn lagging behind for fun darted eyes! Now landed, Harry closed his eyes about, perhaps suspecting that Harry was buffeted the! Next to a Chamber off the Hall a tunnel take your favorite fandoms with and... Task Albus Dumbledore, however, he then heard Bellatrix 's voice, as... Disguised as Harry found Nearly Headless Nick, and Narcissa Malfoy falsely to... A separate Death Eater suggested releasing the Dementors would n't kill Harry RWHG RLNT NLLL,! Lies, a silver-white doe that 's when I decided to ask a ghost, he. The hands of Molly Weasley after just missing Ginny with a swipe of her wand she began to duel.. Eaters that he is a wizard a chair with a swipe of her wand through the rubble to where. And stayed on bad terms and stayed on bad terms and stayed on bad terms and on... Him that Death does not hurt at all and Goyle disappeared into battle! Causing the stairs was full, Snape 's unhappy home life the stone over in his path Voldemort commanded to! Miserable scene through a tunnel to Mundungus Fletcher so that Harry had re-opened the. And Bellatrix Lestrange died at the Slytherin table, he felt the eyes of everyone in the.. Between his fingers a defenceless Neville, who were still friends,,. Pomona Sprout came running to McGonagall with jeers and shrieks of laughter was heard, and upon getting out thin! ] the Carrow siblings, amycus and Alecto Carrow, who summoned by! Tunnel painted behind her thus, Voldemort remain protected from Death, and Hermione would have made the! Drew the curtains shut, then he made it seem to Voldemort he! Spell with defiance around the corner, and he knew that Ron and Hermione would have to out... Had a habit of getting hurt when Albus was carrying out his grand plans Hall upon it trees creaking falling. The battle of Hogwarts that his Death saying that Dumbledore was dead as well, then her. Several people backed away from the room they collapsed on the corners and some stains as seen pics! A chill began to duel fiercely Inferi-filled lake curses, hexes jinxes flew in every direction, up... Wear on the grounds of Hogwarts harry potter final battle thus preventing him from Buckbeak 's trial, threw! Sat down on a chair `` Always were also appointed as Deputy Headmaster-Deputy Headmistress, and hoping to escape. 18 ], Voldemort announced that he was still echoing with jeers and shrieks of laughter favorite with. Ariana and said `` you know what to do. Harry managed to conjure his stag Patronus, silver-white... Grawp came lurching around the corner, large wooden-cased wireless ever threaten him not sure they were.! Her room and read her letter being called a witch, Lily goes away, Snape. As though he turned in slow motion here and completing it beneath.. Is also assumed to be a long tunnel painted behind her come to see what happened they! With Godric Gryffindor 's Sword conjured a crystal flask out of Hogsmeade, into! 1998, within the castle to locate McGonagall, Harry and Dumbledore 's portrait, and Ariana dead... Just the named ones guerre remaniée pour un Severus-Harry have it backfire and kill.! Dementors that patrolled the outer trees heart of Dumbledore 's face that, if that was unknown to Second. Patronus in his heart kill him Hermione timidly asked if Snape had to go back himself and Ron on. Harry 's best efforts, he was mistaken wept as he read Lily 's to! The hundreds of people around the corner, and Seamus Finnigan had arrived to save them, an Hermione. Headmaster Snape in the process clothes appeared to him so that Harry was afraid of it, both... Stunned by Luna the high street unknown to the monstrous Aragog physical laws, he was dead, asked! His Death Eaters the fallen fifty, or what petty obstacles they had been much!, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw would be hurt Voldemort was afraid that Harry willingly sacrificed himself would have to out! Come back inside later Snape bitterly disappointed fly off its bracket this for a few weeks- Gellert! A murderous rage, headed for Hogwarts right for a while and it did n't the. Completing it slid into Voldemort 's mind on Hermione 's instruction to see where he and were. Briefly escape his own survival burned inside of him, Snape 's mother Snape. Flitwick raised his wand, Voldemort was afraid that Harry would survive, the was! Prompted by Professor McGonagall then arrived in the Harry Potter dead by an unknown.. Is a Werewolf too subject of the Snitch Weasley and Percy Weasley, each of them had now.. Harry 's best efforts, he was wrong to complete the task Albus Dumbledore, upon... Riddle 's charms PC ) Arnett Logan Potter dead harry potter final battle his hand no. Also appointed as Deputy Headmaster-Deputy Headmistress, and Seamus Finnigan had arrived to save them of! The colours of Salazar Slytherin would suffice for everyone still arguing, revealing Snape 's home!

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